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Compressed Gas CNG Filters

CNG Filters

CNG Filters: Compressed natural gas filter housings and filter elements for high pressure dispenser applications such as coalescing liquid from natural gas.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

A range of filter housings and elements for removing particulates and coalescing liquids from compressed air under a variety of conditions and flow rates.

Gas Analyzer Filters

Gas Analyzer Filters

Gas Analyzer Filters: 316L stainless steel or PTFE-membrane filter housings plus housing for SP76 modular sample systems to protect sensitive gas analyzers.

Inline Disposable Filters

Inline Disposable Filters

Our disposable in-line filters are a self-contained filter solution with a disposable filter element encapsulated in plastic with inlet and outlet spigots.

Instrumentation Filters

Instrument Filters

Our instrument filters remove contaminates such as particulates, aerosols, water from gases for pneumatic instruments, actuators and analyzer applications.

Membrane Disc Filters

Membrane Disc Filters

Our hydrophobic PTFE membranes and filter housings are perfectly suited for separating liquid from gas molecules, producing a pure gas sample for analyzers.

Natural Gas NGV Filters

NGV Filters

NGV filters for natural gas vehicles enable compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative to gasoline or other fossil fuels.

Sample Analysis Filters

Sample Analysis Filters

Quality analyzer filters, filter housings for analyzers and filter elements for analyzers to separate solids and liquids from gases with 99.999% efficiency.

Aluminum Filter Housings

Aluminum Housings

Filter Housings: Highest-quality aluminum filter housings, stainless steel filter housings or PTFE PVDF plastic filter housings for particulate filtration.

Plastic Filter Housings

Plastic Filter Housings

Filter Housings: Highest-quality PTFE or PVDF plastic filter housings, stainless steel filter housings or aluminum filter housings for particulate filtration.

Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Stainless Housings

Filter Housings: Highest-quality stainless steel filter housings, aluminum filter housings or PTFE PVDF plastic filter housings for particulate filtration.

Microfiber Filter Elements

Microfiber Elements

Bonded microfiber filter elements made from borosilicate glass microfibers or sintered stainless steel filter elements comprised of five layers of 316 mesh.

PE & PTFE Elements

PE/PTFE Filter Elements

PE and PTFE filter elements are available to assure a full complement of filter media for our disposable filter elements and stainless steel filter types.

Stainless Steel Filter Elements

Stainless Elements

Stainless steel filter elements have 5 layers of 316 mesh sintered together to form integrated porous elements. Fine gauge middle mesh determines flow rate.

Filtration Solutions: Disposable Inline Adsorbers (DIA), Drain Vessels

Filtration Solutions

Standard and custom filtration solutions such as disposable inline adsorbers (DIA), drain vessels, automatic drains, filter regulators and cyclone filters.


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