Microfiber Filter Elements

Our microfiber filter elements are manufactured from precise mixtures of borosilicate glass microfibres to the highest quality standards. These elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drops and have a very long service life. Microfiber elements are bonded to provide high strength and eliminate fiber shedding.

Disposable elements are self-gasketing and sealed into the filter housing by axial compression. A typical fibrous filter form consists of a fiber massess oriented in a random pattern overlaying each other. The technique of forming the fibers into a tubular shape is based on technology drawn from the paper industry.

Our manufacturing method assures that the microfibers are arranged in a random pattern through the complete depth of the filter element. This technique gives an increased strength to the structure and prevents delamination. Our high-quality filter housings and elements enable the effective and efficient removal of contaminants from both gas and liquid applications. We can accommodate both coalescing and particulate type filters in most of our housing types, but many are designed especially for a specific purpose to give the best performance.