About Us

Frontier Group of the Americas LLC is the publisher of FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com, a website that offers competitive quotes on Filtration Analysis Filters.

Frontier Group of the Americas LLC is the Western hemisphere distributor of CNG filters, NGV filters, gas analyzer filters and other filtration solutions from Classic Filters.

Classic Filters Ltd is known around the world as “the gas and liquid filter-system specialists™”. Distributed by Frontier Group of the Americas, their comprehensive line of industrial, instrumentation, testing, sampling and analytical filtration solutions includes everything from stainless steel PTFE membrane filter housings to replacement filter elements to complete filtering systems suitable for almost any application.

Founded in the U.K. in 2001, Classic Filters has been in business for more than a decade. They design, manufacture and through Frontier Group of the Americas supply filters for a wide range of operating environments to a diverse and demanding scientific, engineering and industrial clientele. They have always had a focus on the analyzer market, and are specialists in particulate and coalescing filtration.

Going forward, their business mission is to design and innovate with new and different filtration solutions while maintaining top quality, prompt deliveries and competitive prices for a growing global customer base.