Frequent Questions

Q. What does Port 1 and Port 2 mean?

A. All Classic Filters stainless steel filter housings have the inlet ports marked with a 1 and 2. For particulate applications port 1 is the inlet and port 2 the outlet. For coalescing applications the flow should be through the filter element inside to outside so the housing will be connected with the inlet on port 2 and the outlet on port 1. The coalescing housings will also have a drain port or manual twist valve for removal of the coalesced liquid.

Q. What working pressure ratings can Classic Filters offer?

A. We have stainless steel filter housings from 7 bar up to 700 bar in stock. We have also produced custom filter housings up to 1340 bar. Just let us know what you need!

Q. Which filter element is used for analytical applications?

A. For gas samples systems the most effective disposable filter elements would be the K type for particulate removal applications and the CK type for coalescing applications, These elements use a PVDF binder giving excellent corrosion resistance and low levels of adsorption. For liquid sample system we can offer a 5-layer sintered stainless steel filter element in a wide range of grades.

Q. How can I automatically remove liquids in a coalescing application?

A. Automatic float drains are available for this purpose. We offer a self-contained automatic float drain that can be connected to the drain port of a stainless steel filter housing – the all SS construction offers excellent chemical resistance.

Q. What seals can you offer for high temperature applications?

A. We supply both Chemraz and Kalrez seals for high temperature applications. The Chemraz seal is good for applications up to 324° C.

Q. Do you offer exotic materials of construction instead of the standard 316L stainless steel?

A. We offer filter housings in Titanium, Monel, Hasteloy, Inconel and Duplex stainless steels. We can also 303 or 304 stainless steels and brass – let us know if you need something different.

Q. Can I use your filter elements with the filter housings of any manufacturer?

A. Our high quality OEM filters elements are standard industry sizes and will work with the filter housings of almost any manufacturer.

Q. Can you design and manufacture custom filters and filtration solutions?

A. Yes! We have the engieering expertise and flexibility to work with you on custom filtration applications. almost any manufacturer.

Q. What filter materials do you offer?

A. The metal versions come standard in 316 stainless steel and aluminum. We can also provide housings in hastelloy, monel, and many other customer materials as a special order. We offer plastic housings in nylon, polypropylene, PTFE and PVDF.

Q. What is a filter housing with a CE mark?

A. CE marks are required for all pressure vessels sold into the European Union. All Classic Filters products are designed and approved for the Pressure Equipment Directive and have a CE mark where required. Our Module H accreditation even allows us to design and manufacture a single custom housing with a CE mark.