Membrane Disc Filters

PTFE Membrane Housings Classic

Our hydrophobic PTFE membranes and housings are ideally suited for separating liquid from gas molecules, allowing a pure gas sample to be produced. A porous PTFE membrane is supported by a sintered, porous stainless steel disc on the outlet side to increase the strength of the membrane and give a higher differential pressure. Two liquid phases can also be separated if required. We also offer hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes designed to remove both water and oils from a gas stream.

We offer housings designed to best utilize the inherent hydrophobic properties of a PTFE membrane. This prevents 100% of liquid molecules from flowing through the membrane, allowing only gas molecules to pass. Any liquid removed flows through to a drain port, which can also be used as a bypass function for the main flow. We offers dozens of housings types, assuring we deliver the best solution for your application.