In-Line Disposable Filters

Our disposable filters offer the ultimate in filtration convenience by allowing replacement to be performed in seconds, thus minimizing downtime of equipment and operations. A selection of filter element grade and types are available, held within permanently welded filter housings which come fully-assembled and ready for use.

Disposable inline filter (DIF) bodies are available in nylon for general applications or in PVDF where corrosion resistance is important. Two body sizes are available, optimised for either fast response time or longer service life. Element sizes are supplied in standard microfiber sizes 12.32 and 25.64. Stainless steel mesh elements can also be installed into the DIF. They have either 1/4″ or 1/2″ spigots and can be supplied with threaded male connections.

We also offer the DIF.BN5Ki body type, which releases a red dye on the inside of the filter element to give a visual indication that liquid is present. The red dye will pass through the filter element when it is saturated with liquids. A variety of adsorber materials in granule form are also available. These include filter pads at each end to prevent migration of the adsorber media into your system.